Legiomix 2.0 - hybrid electronic mixer

Anti-Legionella heat treatments can only be applied in installations equipped with mixers. These devices are able not only to keep the water mixed at the requested temperature, but also to allow thermal disinfection of the circuit.


The new hybrid electronic mixer Legiomix® 2.0 combines in a single device the traditional functionality of the mechanical thermostatic mixer with the management efficiency of the electronic mixer.


The electronic regulator, directly incorporated into the actuator, allows the mixed water temperature to be managed, according to various functional programs, both for normal control and for the thermal disinfection phase to prevent Legionella. In addition, the regulator is prepared for remote management with specific MODBUS-type transmission protocols, thus making it possible to integrate these devices in Building Management systems (BMS).


The hybrid mixer is normally used in centralized facilities at the service of hospitals, homes, sports and commercial centres, hotels, campsites and university residences, and also in residential structures with large buildings.

In collective use structures, it is necessary, more than ever, to control and prevent Legionella in a programmed way, effectively managing disinfection times.


You can obtain more information about the hybrid electronic mixer Legiomix® 2.0 on the Caleffi website or by contacting us via email info.tubagens@pintocruz.pt or by calling 226 150 530.