Pinto & Cruz International has as its mission to provide specialized services of support to the companies that operate abroad, particularly in terms of management of the supply chain, administrative and financial services, in accordance with the service levels expected by the customers and aiming at the constant optimization of the processes.

Services Provided

1. Ensure the management of the supply chain to the activities of companies that operate in foreign countries, particularly in terms of supply and dispatches of goods, ensuring the delivery to their destinations, depending on the customers’ needs, thereby reducing the costs of transportation.

2. Administrative and financial services, complementing the local services in terms of:
  • Human Resources: support for the recruitment of expatriate employees as well as the preparation of the expatriation process; salary processing in the destination countries; support in the training of local administrative staff and others.
  • Accounting and Management Control: preparation of monthly accounts and annual closing; preparation of annual estimate budgets; analysis of the constructions’ management.
  • Financial Management: support in the search for the best solutions of financing for the activities of foreign companies. Exchange Control of activities subject to the influence of various currencies.
  • Taxes and Tax Reporting: calculation and preparation of payment maps.


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