The HeatTank balances the efficiency of the cooling/heating system and provides an extra layer of operational security in case of equipment failure.


The major innovation lies in the use of phase-changing materials (polymers) instead of water. By melting and solidifying, in these materials thermal energy is stored in a more concentrated form to save space.


With the control and reporting system the HeatTank always works optimally. Charging and discharging times can be controlled to achieve even greater energy savings. It is also possible to obtain reports on the operation of the energy system and the amount of electricity saved.


Ideal for various sectors such as utility or commercial buildings, industrial facilities, data and telecommunication centres, gas engines, among others.

Energy savings

between 20% and 50%

Reduces CO2 emissions 
between 30% and 50%

Quick return on investment

between 3 and 5 years

100% safe





When there is excess thermal energy or it can be generated more efficiently, some of this energy is stored.


When storing cooling energy, the phase change material solidifies and when storing heating energy, the phase change material melts.




The thermal energy produced during the charging phase is stored.




When thermal energy is required, it uses pre-stored energy.


During the cooling energy discharge period, the phase change material melts, while for the heating energy, the phase change material solidifies.