Newtícias nº 56

Já se encontra disponível a última edição da revista Newtícias do Grupo Pinto & Cruz. Poderá ler as novidades de todas as empresas do Grupo e perceber a origem do propósito do Grupo Pinto & Cruz "Para que o seu negócio não pare >>".


SurfCleaner in Portugal

First skimmer in the world, capable of separating and removing all contaminants from the surface of the water.


Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Did you know that using photovoltaic solar you can reduce your energy cost by up to 25% and produce your own energy?



Favoring a long-standing and trusting relationship, we carried out two works at Continental's facilities in Lousado, Vila Nova de Famalicão.



The quality of services is taken into account as the basis for building a relationship of trust with our client. With the resumption of in-person activities, it is essential to improve working conditions and comfort.


Green mobility

Electric Car Chargers


Decree of Law 101D of December 7, 2020

Changes in legislation on building design, design and maintenance


The way we move will be increasingly sustainable.

Interview with Jornal de Negócios.


Installation and Maintenance in the Hospital Area

It is our mission to support them and ensure that the facilities and equipment they need to perform at their best are suitable and reliable for any service.


HVAC and ventilation network

Remodeling work on the air conditioning and ventilation network at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto.


Isolate - For what?

At Pinto e Cruz – Installations and Maintenance, we frequently perform maintenance and replacement of insulation.


Boiler review

Ensure a mild, problem-free winter!


PAT tests

Find out what they are and what they are for...


Newtícias nº55

The latest edition of the Pinto & Cruz Group News magazine is now available. You will be able to read the news from all the Group's companies where we highlight the topic of Sustainability.


Newtícias nº 54

The present moment for our Group has a set of new challenges.


Newtícias nº 53

In this edition, as well as in the usual meeting of paintings, the main theme for reflection was based on the saying “We're Together”.


Newtícias nº 52

This semester, we welcomed two more companies into the Group...


Newtícias nº 51
Energy Efficiency

In this issue, you can find out about the solutions we have adopted, as well as the many that we make available to our customers.


Newtícias nº 50

It was 25 years ago that we set out to create a humble newspaper that could give news of what was being done...


Newtícias nº 49

The latest edition of the Pinto & Cruz Group's magazine with emphasis on the topic of Companies and Development.