We have vast experience in the area of industrial kitchens, ranging from the design to the assembly and technical assistance of all the equipment, including consulting and space optimization.


We operate in various sectors, from hotels and restaurants to the public area, with kitchens in hospitals, homes, schools, universities, or army barracks.


We provide 360⁰ work that embraces the entire process, offering turnkey solutions.



We work in this sector alongside industrial kitchens, and we believe that we provide an integrated solution that goes from the inception of the process to its conclusion.


Our portfolio includes the assembly of laundries in the main sectors such as hotels, hospitals, or self-service laundries.


We can present solutions from the simplest to the most complex, such as sanitary barrier washing machines.



We present several solutions for the replacement of air in kitchens and laundries, taking into consideration the wall mount or over-the-range hoods, ventilated ceilings systems, with or without insufflation and air filtration solutions according to the needs of the space.



We carry out the dimensioning, design, assembly, and technical assistance of solutions for commercial cold, ranging from small cold rooms to the largest industrial cold storage chambers.


We blend our know-how with that of our specialized partners in order to always present the best solutions for our customers.



We see our suppliers as true partners, going beyond the mere commercial connection that brings us together.


We work together to present the best solutions and give the greatest support to our customers.


Among several, we wish to highlight these.