Pinto & Cruz Group was founded in 1935, in Porto, by Mr António Pinto and the engineer Arnaldo Cruz.

The group’s activity was firstly focused on engineering services, such as special facilities, as heating and escalators, also having a complementary commercial activity in the areas of engines and piping for fluids’ conduction.

Throughout more than 80 years of history, the company has been modernising and enhancing various areas of activity, aiming to complement its services.

Currently organized as a business group, the company consists of several enterprises divided by activity or country in which it operates.
The areas are as follows:
  • Special technical facilities in the areas of electricity and networking, air-conditioning and central and fluids’ networks, kitchens and industrial laundries.
  • Installations and maintenance of elevators, escalators and lifting platforms.
  • Maintenance services and technical assistance to technical installations
  • Commercialization of a wide range of products and solutions in the area of pipes, valves and equipment, to meet the needs in driving, retention, treatment of fluids and heating in the industry and services, leading the national market for the distribution of certain types of solutions
  • Distribution of a wide range of world prestige brands of engines and equipment, with solutions for Forest, Agriculture, Industry and services in general. Quality installation and after sales’ maintenance services, are guaranteed through the national territory.
P&C group’s activities are present through the country, providing a uniform response throughout the territory, with offices in various cities and staff present in many other locations.

Since 1996 P&C is present in Angola. Currently it is also present in Mozambique.

The development of the group and its business has only been possible through the growth of the organization in general. Currently the group has more than 500 highly specialized employees and systematization of the work processes, that aims to provide quality services oriented to the needs of its customers.

The quality of the services is a permanent investment to the P&C Group. Many of its enterprises are certified according to ISO 9001, since 1999.

This way Pinto & Cruz will continue to have the ability to meet the expectations of its customers and friends.
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