P&Ce - Electric Car Chargers

Pinto & Cruz offers charging solutions for electric vehicles through a complete range, slow or fast charging, with integrated control and management (software and hardware), reflecting its commitment to R&D, innovation and engineering.


Fast charging is essential in metropolitan areas, but not only. If the objective is to integrate electric vehicles in the daily lives of the population, it is essential to have specific and simple to apply solutions, such as those we are now presenting for application in single-family homes, residential condominiums, hotels, car parks. parking, shopping centers and fleets.


Main features:

- Quick charger compatible with all brands of electric vehicles

- Output power: 7.4 kW / 11 KW / 22 KW / 44 KW

- Simple plug & play installation

- Display (optional touch screen)

- Network integration (software offer)

- RFID integration (user control by card)

- Integration of communications (4G, LAN, Wi-Fi)

- Power cable integration


The future has already begun!


Common questions


How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

There are several variables to take into account. Thus, most cars take about eight hours, with some taking 12 hours to reach full charge plugged into a 16A outlet. However, the main variable is the charging power, which depends on the type of charger. In these cases, it is worth considering the purchase of a charging wall-box compatible with the vehicle, which will reduce time by approximately 80%.


What is the consumption of an electric vehicle?

The average cost to travel 100 km with an electric car is six euros in the case of a PCR charge (rapid charging point) and three euros in the case of a charge at home (simple rate) while in a combustion car. petrol costs 12 euros to cover the same distance.


What is the “Smart WALLBOX” system?

It is an intelligent charging point capable of balancing the current destined to the vehicle's charge, based on the instantaneous consumption of the home, adjusting the available load according to the appliances in operation, thus avoiding the triggering of the main switch and consequent power failure in housing.


Can I charge my electric vehicle in my garage?

Yes. However, for safety reasons, the use of conventional sockets for charging this type of vehicle is not recommended. We have our own domestic charging solutions, such as sockets with the necessary safety requirements. If you live in a building, with a reserved space in a collective garage, please note that you must notify the condominium company.



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