Installation and Maintenance in the Hospital Area

There are more than 40 years of accumulated experience in making installations and ensuring their maintenance and operation in the electromechanical area, ensuring the supply of water, gas, electricity, air conditioning and meals, so that hospitals and their professionals can perform their skills in conditions of comfort and safety, and ensure the same to users who need care in these units.


Our professionals are on-call, complementing the teams from the hospitals themselves, or travel specifically to carry out maintenance work on the facilities and equipment of:

- Electrical Installations - transformer stations and emergency generator sets

- Thermal Power Stations – production of steam and domestic hot water and air conditioning with gas, diesel and naphtha boilers

- Hydropressure Plants – distribution of domestic water and fire fighting

- Climatization Centers – air treatment units in operating theatres, infirmaries and offices, including more specific situations such as isolation rooms

- Kitchens and Laundry – equipment for conservation, preparation, preparation and distribution of food and washing and preparation of clothes and sheets

- Chillers – production of chilled water for air conditioning


Competence and time ensured that we had many friends in many places in this country, counting in our curriculum with services performed in many hospital facilities, and even at the risk of perhaps failing to mention any, a fact for which we apologize, Here we want to leave our testimony of how much everyone involved in these places promoted the best possible conditions so that health could be returned and improved in the vast majority of its users.


- Santo António General Hospital – Work and Maintenance Services

- Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto – Work and Maintenance Services

- Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Lisbon – Maintenance Services

- Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra - Maintenance Services

- Santa Luzia Hospital 

– Alto Minho Local Health Unit – Maintenance Services

- Padre Américo Hospital 

– Tâmega e Sousa Hospital Center – Construction and Maintenance Services

- Eduardo Santos Silva Hospital 

– Vila Nova de Gaia Hospital Center/Espinho – Work and Maintenance Services

- Pero da Covilhã Hospital 

– Cova da Beira Hospital Center – Work and Technical Assistance Services

- Bragança Hospital – Northwest Local Health Unit – Construction and Maintenance Services

- Vila Real Hospital – Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro Hospital Center - Maintenance Services

- Hospital Misericórdia da Mealhada - Maintenance Services

- Hospital de Abrantes 

- Hospital Center of the Médio Tejo - Technical Assistance Services

- Hospital de Santarém - Technical Assistance Services

- Hospital de Portimão 

– Hospital Center of the Algarve - Maintenance Services

- Santa Maria Hospital in Porto - Maintenance and Technical Assistance Services

- Hospital da Luz Arrábida - Technical Assistance

- Hospital de Luz Póvoa de Varzim - Technical Assistance

- Trofa Saúde Amadora – Work and Technical Assistance

- Hospital Agostinho Ribeiro in Felgueiras - Maintenance Services


We are living in very difficult health days in Portugal, and paying homage to professionals and institutions that seek to ensure that everything will be fine will never be too much. It is our mission to support them and ensure that the facilities and equipment they need to perform at their best are suitable and reliable for any service.

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