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The mission of Pinto & Cruz Tubagens e Sistemas S.A. is to be the leading wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies, ...

Welcome to Pinto & Cruz Group Pinto & Cruz is a group that consists of numerous companies and that already has a history of more than 80 years. It has been developing a set of activities in several parts of the world that, although quite diverse, focus on one common factor - engineering services.
This site seeks, through the information that it gathers, to present the services and companies, also allowing to clarify doubts and curiosities that arise to those who want to know us a little better and to make clear our willingness and intention to be useful.

With friendship,
Joaquim Pinto
The Group Pinto & Cruz Group was founded in 1935, in Porto, by Mr António Pinto and the engineer Arnaldo Cruz...
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4103-801 Porto

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W 8, 643789

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