Ladder Platform

Stair platforms are the ideal equipment for people in wheelchairs, allowing them to regain their mobility at home, in public and private spaces!


The ladder platform is the perfect option for anyone who is in a wheelchair and is forced to climb and descend stairs to move from one location to another.  


One of the strengths of ladder platforms is their flexibility. They can be installed on straight or curved stairs, indoors or outdoors, depending on the possibilities and limitations of the location in question.


The ladder platforms ensure maximum safety and comfort when transporting the user, moving them smoothly from one level to another even when there are sudden power cuts.


Although they are designed to transport people in wheelchairs, they can also incorporate a seat for autonomous people.


→  Useful load up to 300 Kg.


→  Maximum speed: 6 m/min.


→  Fixing to the floor or wall.


→  Guide fixing around 140 mm



→  Box with extendable handle for platform open/close command


→  Ease of handling


→  220V AC power supply


→  24V DC low voltage command