The modernization of elevators guarantees compliance with safety standards and legislation in force, reduces energy consumption and offers users more comfort.


The modernization of elevators is not limited to the aesthetic remodeling of the cabins. Modernizing an elevator also means ensuring that everyone has access to it, that journeys are smooth, comfortable and hassle-free and that the equipment is energy efficient.


But modernizing an elevator is also about improving its safety and solving common problems in old and outdated elevators:


- Improper interlocking system for landing doors;

- Lack of alarm system in the well and at the top of the cabin;

- Means of protection on automatic doors out of adjustment;

- Elevators without a cabin door;

- Inadequate emergency lighting;

- Access limited to the disabled.


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Modernization Service 

Switchboard Replacement


The control panel, or control panel, is one of the most important components of elevators, as it is responsible for activating the machines engine and taking the cabin to the floor where it was called.


Therefore, in the elevator modernization process, the control panel is one of the first elements to need to be updated, especially if it is included in an old and antiquated elevator.

Comfort Improvement


With the passage of time and frequent use, elevators suffer some wear and tear and the comfort they offer passengers is compromised.


When we talk about modernizing elevators, we are necessarily talking about improvements in comfort: newer cabins, more precise stops, quieter journeys and smoother journeys.

Aesthetic Remodeling of Cabins


Elevators are one of the first impressions of the interior of buildings and, if the cabin is out of place, in poor condition and worn out by time and constant use, it will be offering a bad experience for your guest.


Cab remodeling is not just a matter of aesthetics. By modernizing the elevator cabins, you are also improving and perfecting finishes, increasing passenger comfort and offering smoother, quieter journeys. Furthermore, if you choose to increase the dimensions of the cab, you will be able to make the most of the available box space.

Energy Efficiency


Did you know that elevators represent 1.5% of the energy consumption of all buildings in Portugal? Here, consumption during travel is included, but also the energy used when the equipment is immobilized, that is, in "stand by".


Pinto & Cruz Elevadores mobility solutions offer better energy efficiency, which is reflected in more sustainable and environmentally friendly elevators and significant economic savings.

Replacement of Cabin and Floor Pushbuttons


Replacing existing equipment cabin and landing panels is an important part of elevator modernization. The mixers must, above all, ensure safe, clear and direct communication between the elevator and the passenger.

Increased Safety in Elevators


Technology and engineering have been at the service of mobility and, therefore, safety in elevators has been successively improved. Today, it is possible to predict component wear before they affect elevator performance.


Do you know what the most common problems in elevator safety are?

➤ Poor stopping precision;

➤ Improper interlocking system for landing doors;

➤ Inaccurate apron length;

➤ Means of protection on automatic doors out of adjustment;

➤ Elevators without a cabin door;

➤ Inadequate emergency lighting;

➤ Limited access for the disabled;

➤ Lack of an alarm system in the pit and on top of the cabin.


Adopting preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure elevator safety. Rely on certified experts for elevator maintenance and the safety of your users.




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