Chairs and Stair Platforms 

Do you have mobility problems? Chairs and stair platforms allow you to climb and descend stairs with complete safety and agility!


For the elderly or people with mobility difficulties, going up and down some steps represents a challenge with some dangers and, in some circumstances, can even jeopardize the users safety. And thats where chairs and ladder platforms can help!


 At Pinto & Cruz  we believe that mobility problems are not synonymous with loss of autonomy and independence. We have stair chairs and stair platforms that will help you get rid of the fear of going up and down stairs, giving you confidence and self-esteem!


The installation of the chairs and stair platforms is quicker and simpler than you think and, in just a few hours, the specialist technicians from Pinto & Cruz  will have everything fully operational. Furthermore, these devices are a safe alternative and, thanks to their autonomous batteries, they are always in operation, even when there is a power cut. 


Discover the range of chairs and ladder platforms we have available and find the perfect equipment for you!