Stair Chairs

Stair chairs are a versatile and practical solution for overcoming stairs obstacles. Thus, you will be able to regain independence and mobility autonomy! 


For seniors or people with mobility problems, stairs represent a barrier to their independence, freedom and mobility. In these cases, installing a stairway chair is the solution, as it allows you to go up and down flights of stairs without difficulties or risks to your safety.


Stair chairs, or stairlifts, can be integrated in indoor and outdoor spaces, large or small, in straight or curved stairs,  overcoming the steepest slopes with maximum ease and comfort.


  Custom-made and customizable rail


  Folding to take up minimal space


  Indoor or outdoor installation


  Fixing to steps or wall


  Rated load up to 140 kg


  Stairs with angles between 25 and 62 degrees


  Installation on curved or straight stairs


  Wireless remote controls


  Safety belt




  Ergonomic control


  Usage control


  Diagnostic screen


  Product approved by European directives