Newtícias nº 50

This year of 2020 is being very difficult, we all know it already, and we are aware that we will have to overcome many problems that the following months and years will still bring us... But they think that our life is only for what it is easy!? No, it's not! I have always gotten used to fighting, and the challenges - which I have experienced them throughout my life! - it seems that they give us extra strength and will.


These most recent months, with enormous dedication from the entire P&C TEAM, are for me the guarantee that it will not be a virus that will change our line. Today we are more than 600 employees, spread over five countries, and about two dozen companies, we remain faithful to the motto of Engineering Services, as you can attest to the many solutions and news that the following pages will show you and which are a simple sample of that we are doing.


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