Newtícias nº 49

With each passing year, the speed of events increases; there are more and more unexpected situations, crises occur more frequently, and the novelties in products and services are surprising because of their unexpected features. In light of this voracity of time, we always try to keep the Pinto & Cruz Group  up-to-date and adapted to reality.To this end, we have sought to equip ourselves with highly trained human resources, in the most varied of areas, and we have created forums for internal discussion on new trends.


At the recent Management Meeting, held on November 15th - and where we brought together more than 100 of the Group's employees -, interventions from countless guests on various topics were heard, we discussed new paths to follow, and we thought about the future. With this dynamic, we hope to create a way of being more attentive to the world around us, so that we can present, in terms of products and services, new and more innovative solutions for the needs of our customers.


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