Hotels and Restaurants

With many years of experience, we provide our knowledge and solutions in order to monetize and enhance the efficiency of the activities that have to be carried out in the kitchens and laundries of hotels.


We have solutions tailored to customer expectations with professional equipment that provides a guarantee of quality, functionality and reliability.


In addition to installation, we provide the comfort of maintenance and technical assistance.

Among other equipment, we are experts in:

→  industrial kitchens

→  mono-blocks of confection

→  suspended cooking blocks

→  dynamic preparation

→  static preparation

→  dishwashers

→  palate washing machines

→  commercial refrigeration equipment

→  distribution systems

→  self-service equipment

→  ovens

→  industrial laundries

→  wash water

→  dry cleaning

→  sanitary barrier

→  drying/ironing (calenders, ironers with folding and crossover, steamers, mannequins, presses)

→  storage

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